Friday, January 11, 2008

Time Keeps on Turning, and I am Dizzy

I know I’ve been gone a long time, and I resolve to do better in the future. (Ha! How’s that a nice set up for failure? My subconscious is already going, “Nay, I shan’t… and you can’t make me, plbthbthbth.”)

But I had a hectic week, eating my way through San Francisco’s most scrumptious food, and drinking even more. And not just alcohol! No, I deviated far enough from my daily mainline of cabernet to squeeze in some Thai iced tea, French limonade, and, of course, my new favoritest thing EVER. EVER.


Besides mochi. Which is my newest, favoritest thing ever. Chewy dough wrapped around ice cream. It took many tentative bites, but I suddenly fell deeply in love.

Anywhos. The last week has consisted not just of stuffing my face silly… there was another (tiny) percent of my time that was spent working (hard-ish) meeting up with old friends and my brother and sister-in-law, and sightseeing my ass off. The sad part about seeing people you really, really love is the fact that you realize they live very far away. And seeing them in person is infinitely more satisfying than keeping up with them on e-mail, MySpace, blogs, and FaceBook. (Because, yes, I just went and joined the latter. If you’ve been pestering me about it for awhile, well… I’m there, now. Because just about every cool person I know is on it, and I was terrified I was missing out on something. So far, it reminds me of a watered-down MySpace. YES, I said it. Prove me wrong.)

So I was set to fly home, yesterday, desperate to see The Funasaurus, so naturally my flight was delayed an hour for No Good Reason. I did make it home, and it turns out there’s a SUSHI restaurant in our neighborhood now (hence the mochi discovery) and OMG. We are going to have to default on our mortgage, because I do not see how we will be able to afford the roof over our head AND such a convenient sushi habit. And, well, we have priorities.

So far, I weigh significantly more in 2008 than I did in 2007. That’s about all that’s changed. Oh. That, and I’m driving an infinitely newer and hybrid-i-er car! WHEEEEEEE!


audrey said...

I love me some mochi.

Welcome home!!

hamiam said...

Mochi sounds delishi. [dork, I am you can say it]

Glad you're back. You're one of my faves to read too, just so you know ;) Thanks, I appreciate your words over at my place. My FOO (family of origin) is whack - that's about all I'll say. In the meantime, Charlie Brown is acting like the best husband ever! W00t!

Leah said...

We will have to do sushi together sometime!

Pauline said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious even if I don't share your passion for wine and sushi!

Lily said...

Facebook is HOT!lol
You'll see, much better then MySpace in my opinion. I found childhood friends on there that I never would have heard about in any other way.
You can friend me if you like! (Liliane Grenier)

Also, Mochi sounds like something I could fall in love with..and it's kind of a cool coincidence, I tried a new desert yesterday night at a Coffee Shop (No, not that one!) and it was kind of a roll of chewy dark dough filled with the most amazing mix of mascarpone cheese, sugar and dark chocolate bits. Heaven!!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Ode to Exclaimation Points!
Audrey- Thanks! And YAY MOCHI!

Ham- Go CB!

Leah- Yes!

Pauline- Go get thee some sushi! It's so good!

Lily- I looked! But I couldn't find you! Are you in any networks??

Diane said...

Ok, so maybe it is time for me to break down and check out facebook . . .

welcome home!

Lily said..., no networks...
But if you just type in Liliane Grenier in the search engine...I'm the only one.:)

Brendan Charles Huffman said...

your blog-subscribed!

Can't wait til I get time to properly communicate with you electronically.


hamiam said...

FYI - for the facebookers who cannot be found - check your privacy settings and who can "see" your profile when doing a search - some settings allow only your "friends" to see this (Which is kinda pointless if you're hoping to hook up with a childhood friend or something).