Monday, August 01, 2011

Justification, Presented as Catching Up

Hi. I realized I skipped July there. I'm guessing I didn't have time to blog because I spent a lot of time cleaning up summer-related things, a la popsicles, sand, mud, chalk, sunscreen, and chardonnay. Happily, chardonnay does not stain as much as winter-related wine.

I decided to stay home with Miss Thang. No more work. There's even been a lull in the freelance stuff I was doing, and I am more than fine with it. I've come to the realization that I don't have as much energy as the rest of the world seems to have. I am too tired at the end of the day to cram in everything I'd need to do if I were to go back to work. I made it happen before, but at a price. I sucked at my job, I sucked at parenting, and our hangers rotted in our (un-vacuumed) closet as our clothes rotated between various laundry baskets and heaps on the floor. Somehow other families (let's be honest, women) manage to do it all. I don't know how. I admire them. I would like to be them. But if I have the luxury to choose between getting it all but sucking at it, or picking one and doing well, then I pick hanging out with my daughter. Enter: endless popsicle cleaning. I am not bored. I am aware that plenty of people would be, but it takes all kinds, right? I am settling into the fact that I am not so deep and think-y as I thought I was. And I get I'm lucky to have the choice. It's been the right one.

Enough about ME. How are you, blog-land?


meno said...

If you are happy, then you made the right choice. i was bored out of my skull the three years i stayed home, but i admired the women who weren't.

Your daughter will benefit all her life from this.

Angela Noelle said...

Deep and think-y is highly overrated. Popsicles and babies always win ;)

tara_iott said...

Good for you! Does that mean that we can expect more blog writing :-) I miss your blog - I do occasionally check for you updates still.

leila said...

you ARE deep and think-y and a wonderful mum. I know exactly what you mean, though. My bedtime (in order to function the next day starting at 6:30 am) should really be 9 pm. SO. TIRED. xxoo