Friday, June 04, 2010

Baby! And Also Me-Stuff

Welcome EBW #2. I am so very happy you’re here. You’re very, very lucky to have been born into such a wonderful family.

In more personal news…I played hooky about two weeks ago. Maybe it was three. I don’t know, for some reason time is spinning out of control these days, and I haven’t even licked the wrong side of a mushroom. (That I know of. I did manage to locate a missing book of stamps while basically unconscious the other night, apparently I remembered where it had fallen while I was sleeping, so after a 4:00 AM feeding I went and retrieved it…although did not remember doing such a thing right away when I woke up in the morning, and spent a while pondering stamp gnomes before getting a very dark mental picture of kneeling in a nursing bra and feeling around under the coffee table at unreasonable-o’clock AM. It’s possible I also consumed something that would cause an acceleration in space-time, I just don’t remember.) The point is, two-to-three weeks ago there was an eye in the midst of a crazy work storm, it was a Wednesday, I had nothing to do (despite having been up working until 3:00 AM the night before…which gave me about an hour’s sleep before aforementioned feeding) so I said fuck it, and gathered my goggles and skis and went skiing.

Of course, by the time I made this decision, I had about four hours until our nanny was supposed to leave. So I drove quickly, which was freeing in and of itself, I don’t drive fast when there’s an infant car seat in the backseat, raced onto the mountain, and got in about three and half good runs before I had to race back to my car and drive an hour and a half to get home. Happily, coming home is downhill, and I didn’t get stuck in any traffic. Shortest epic ski day ever. It was glorious. And my streak of skiing pretty much every year of my life, minus those early few, is intact.

I have been reluctant to post this because I worry about co-workers finding it. Then I realized that if they found this, they would probably consider the hour at which I turned in my work the “night” before, and agree that a ski day was a logical ying to that yang.

Miss Thang is good, I didn’t get any takers on the offer to expound upon her pooping habits, which is a shame, since I don’t know how to talk about much else these days. Miss Miss is cruising right along, not quite able to let go of our hands, but already trying to run. It’s basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her balance needs a little work, but I think that’s partially due to her head. It’s proportionally quite large compared to the rest of her, so I think she’s just top-heavy. She gets that from her Uncle Chico. Hopefully she’ll grow to fit her head, just like he did. And hopefully she will never grow a prickly mustache, just like he did.

Everyone I know, minus me and my darling Funasaurus who has managed to shed an insane amount of weight anyway, recently, ran the Boulder Boulder this year. Or, if they did not run it, they are training to run something else impressive. I continue to sit around and whine about exhaustion while eating ice cream. It makes me a little sad, I used to run all the time. (Well. Run-ish. Moved my legs in a slightly frantic walk-y way, anyway.) Now I have no muscles, and a bit of extra skin. I would like to work on that, but it is a daunting prospect, getting back into such a habit, especially when there is a new gelato place within walking distance of my home. Does it count as exercise if I am snarfing Nutella-flavored ice cream while I stroll at a bisk-ish pace?


Leah said...

Nutella flavored gelato?! Sign me up!!

Angela Noelle said...

Oh man, if running involved Nutella gelato, I might spend much more time on that activity...

Michele said...

Walking to and from any sort of frozen treat boutique TOTALLY counts as exercise and anyone who disputes that is best ignored, fully and completely.

I wish I could see Miss T's running without walking thing, because I'm laughing just thinking about it. Glad you found a day to do something awesome and just for you!

Ramblin' Red said...

I think about you every time I go out and run, because at one point you talked about seeing the same people every day and now I do too (and yes, they probably go, man is she slow!). You can start out just by walking with Miss Thang (pushing a stroller builds some serious endurance, lemme tell ya!) and up the speed gradually. 'Specially if there is a gelato involved!

Katie said...

I completely forgot about this blog for a while! Just catching up tonight. Thanks for the welcome for little E. ;)