Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Don' Know Whatcha Heard About Me

I am tired. I don’t know how you other working moms do it, I feel like I am spread as thin as could possibly be and I get to work from home. There are plenty of nights where I’m up working past midnight, trying to catch up after Miss Thang goes to bed. Then I’m usually up around 3:00 or 4:00 to feed her. And the cycle begins again somewhere around 6:00 AM. That leaves me very little time for the other details in my life, like blogging and personal hygiene.

Miss Thang is proving herself to be rather high-maintenance. I fluctuate, minute-by-minute, from thinking I am completely inept and failing completely as a mother to thinking that absolutely no one else could possibly care for my child the way that I do.

The other day I finally took a small break to run to Vitamin Cottage. I don’t get out of the house every day, so even those small errands feel like a delicious treat. I cranked up the local hip-hop station and found myself singing, “‘cause I’m a mother fuckin’ P-I-M-P” along with 50 Cent.

Then I took a little pause to eat a bite of an organic hippie fruit snack that I bought at Vitamin Cottage as I cruised along in my little fuel efficient sedan and glanced at my breast milk spit up stained t-shirt. I then had to concede that I am not, in fact, a mother fuckin’ P-I-M-P these days. In fact, I’m pretty much the opposite of that.

I think the Girl Scouts should (may already have, given how many showed up at our door this year) buy lists of addresses of recent patients from the hospitals so that they can go prey upon new moms. I cannot resist a) cookies b) cute little girls. I bought a shit ton of mediocre but highly nostalgic boxes of refined sugar this year.

What organization peddles large chunks of dark chocolate? If you come to my house with such a thing, I will convert to your religion. Just saying.


But even if I never got to taste chocolate again, she'd make life worth it. Lord, but tell me that face does not melt your heart.


Cate Subrosa said...

Aw, she's gorgeous! Lovely photo :)

Jane said...

What a BEAUTY, your Miss Thang! : )

As a fellow addict of dark chocolate, I think someone should create an app for iPhone that delivers squares of the dark drug instantaneously when the app is engaged. Just sayin. LOL!

Shooting Star said...

You're a normal new mom! Hang in there! (And for all I know, these feelings may very well last for the rest of our lives ... except that the breast-milk stains do eventually go away. ;) )

Ramblin' Red said...

I Love this post so much - you're doing great! and LOL at the GS cookie thing - this year was a first for us to sell them. oy vey what an adventure!

Pauline said...

How adorable she is! (Sooner than you want it to, the rush of mom-dom will be behind you.)

I think you should start The Church of Dark Chocolate. You'd have a lot of adherents to the faith!

Michele said...

She is so cute she makes me think I made a mistake not having one of my own. And that's saying something! :-)

Angela Noelle said...

Oh she is beautiful!! I can't imagine how you do all that you do and are still capable of making all of the insanity sound rather lovely... I don't know how much longer I can resist the lure of big blue eyes and chubby cheeks!

Christie said...

Those squishy cheeks are adorable! She is truly a beautiful little girl.