Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hard to Top That Last Post

So, yes. I am pregnant. Am with Funasaurus child. We are super excited, although I will admit to a couple of weeks of shock as this was not exactly planned. At all. I like to think of it as a testament to the fact that we have a really awesome sex life. Or, at least, did, right up until I got knocked up and my libido shut down like an American auto factory. Nothing is sacred when you are pregnant, as you shall find out.

On a more sincere note, thank you all for the outpouring of support. I have to say, one of the best parts of this whole thing so far (besides, you know, adding to the Funasaurus gene pool) is getting commenters out of the woodwork. Hey y’all! It was very cool to hear from you. Thanks again.

Pregnancy is a wild ride, and a very awesome trump card. If The Funasaurus wants to go out to restaurant X and I want to go to restaurant Y, we go to Y. I AM CARRYING YOUR CHILD. Also: CRAZY. Don’t fuck with a pregnant lady. He wants to watch an action flick and I want to watch Pride & Prejudice AGAIN, we buckle up for some 19th century repressed British love.

Work now knows, so I felt comfortable putting this information out on the intrawebs. I survived the first trimester and did not get fired, so I call that a success, even though I have had mountains of work to catch up on, thanks to my new habit of napping three hours a day.

Hopefully this explains the recent slowness in posting; it is hard to remember anything, anymore, that isn’t very baby-related. I miss wine, I miss sushi, and I miss sleeping on my stomach. Although the first two have saved me a ton of cash, and the sleeping thing probably explains some of my need to nap all the time, so I am not as lame as you might have first thought. Maybe.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same. Sugar is pissed that I’ve been traveling so much. Tatum continues to chew on everything, including our most recent ultrasound pictures. I have almost made my way through the Twilight series, instead of my most recent book club books. And The Funasaurus is trying to convince me that it’s totally a good idea to name our firstborn child after Disney’s The Little Mermaid. That, or Thorkill. So far, a consensus has not been reached on names. We are open to suggestions.


meno said...

Something to know; People (women) will try so hard to convince you that this sucks (being pregnant) and while it may be true, it has a lot going for it too. It's pretty amazing.


Cate Subrosa said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited that you're blogging about this. And the line "Nothing is sacred when you are pregnant, as you shall find out" just had me dying to hear more from you!

Surviving the first trimester without getting fired is indeed a serious achievement, I should have thought about it more like that.

How far gone are you now? Hopefully the desperate need for napping should be wearing off soon. Although, I totally feel you on the lying on the stomach thing... 27 weeks now and I still want to roll onto my front every night. *So* thought I would get used to it, but not at all. Argh.

Howsabout a little ticker so we can follow how far along you are...?

rebekah said...

I'm in a small group with a lot of medical peeps. One of them was teasing his pregnant wife about falling asleep all the time, and a friend/doctor goes "She grew a lung today, what did you do?" Take that!

Nick, Holly and Maren said...

All I can say is, if you named your kid Ariel (which is pretty!), Maren would be THRILLED. Little Mermaid (I'm sorry, she's correcting me -- "Ariel" ) is her fave movie at the moment.

Hey, it's better than naming her Cinderella! ha

Lily said...

Ariel is kinda cute!
Can't wait to read what you have to say about being pregnant, it'll be like having a big sister that teaches me the real things of life before I go trough them myself.;P

Shooting Star said...

As you know, I LOVED being pregnant! Sure, there are some tough times, some things you have to give up. But you will get back to sushi and wine in no time at all. (Also as you know, I had my first glass of wine in the hospital the day after delivering -- and it was probably the best-tasting glass of wine I've ever had! ;) ) But it's also the most extraordinary, amazing experience. You're carrying your very own little love inside. I'm so happy for you!

Brendan Charles Huffman said...


If only we lived near each other, we could have playtime with our new nippers.

Angela Noelle said...

Yours was the second pregnancy announcement of the week--the other one was a "real life" friend--and I am starting to feel very left out of the club ;)

While it will (hopefully) be a bit longer for me, I really am looking forward to your take on pregnancy and motherhood!

kosarspeeps said...

I am coming out of the woodwork to congratulate you! I wish you the best. i have enjoyed reading your blog, i find your way of describing things increadably funny.

kosarspeeps said...

Congratulations! I am coming out of the woodwork... I couldn't see the picture earlier this week at work so I was clueless when I read this one in my blog reader.

Kosar's peeps said...

sorry for the double comment - technical difficulties! And of course couldn't remember what I wrote the first time so I started over. :)

Pauline said...

Catching up on blogs (I'm on summer hiatus) and just learned your wonderful news! You are going to LOVE being a Mama. (And, speaking from experience, just wait until you get to be a grandmama!) How exciting! Have a marvelous pregnancy!