Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Husband Tolerates This Only Because He Knows I Know He Loves American Idol

Today, instead of exercising, I went out for a sushi lunch. Then I had a cheesesteak for dinner. Then, because we were out of our typical cach├ęs of refined sugar, The Funasaurus and I dropped everything and went to the grocery store at 9:00 to buy cookie mix. One stick of butter and one egg and one oven preheated to 350 degrees later, we had a heaping pile of gooey chocolate chip cookies.

And I blame winter for my current state of icky-feeling.

I am impressed with the number of people who’ve commented on the Twilight series, both in and out of my comments section. Diane, you’re totally in the minority. Everyone else who hasn’t read it, I suggest you bury your inner feminist and literary critic deep, deep in some flannel pajamas and channel your inner angsty teenage girl and just enjoy the story. That’s why we read fiction, right? For the delicious feeling of imperfection perfected? Blood-sucking angel-of-the-night aside, the romance is impossible. It would be creepy and possessive and shallow in real life, but enveloped in an over-romanticized small town in the thicket of the Pacific Northwest rainforest in 14 point font, it’s just lovely. Think of it as bon-bons for your brain. There is no substance to it, and you might feel ridiculous for ingesting it, but dear God it feels so good going down.

Um. That’s it. Mostly it’s cookies and young adult fiction and body image issues around here these days. Pretty much I’m back in high school without the PE uniform. At least that’s something.


Ramblin' Red said...

heheh....I may just have to crack open that book. But I have been reading ahead in the Chronicles of Narnia with LMNOB (and they are so good!) so who knows?

I feel you on the icky-ness. Winter sucks with all of its carb craving, cabin fever inducing yucky.

Wickedly Scarlett said...

See, I loved Twilight, but thought the books just steadily declined in both quantity and enjoyability with each subsequent volume. I adore angsty vampire love, but Bella just got on my nerves after we spent too much time together.

Yoga Gal said...

I believe I'm one of the few people that haven't read Twilight, sounds like great vampire fun through!Love the books that "True Blood" are based on!

redframe said...

You're hilarious. If I were in high school I'd totally copy that write-up for my book report! I also loved loved loved it for what it is and that's enough. We don't have cookies here in the way you do over there, only dried little biscuits. No fair.

Diane said...

I know it, but I stand my deep, intense disdain for this inane book and its insipid characters!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I think I am the only person who hasnt read Twilight but I'm almost ready to get on the bandwagon!!