Friday, November 07, 2008

A Little Taste

There’s no one better to have tea with than my Grandmother. Mostly because she lets me break out the Limoges teacups. She was down with the dainty pastel flowers and with gold leaf trim long before anyone had thought to add the “chic” to shabby chic. They are mismatched in the most deliciously girl-y way possible.

As she puts it, “Tea just tastes better in these cups.” And who am I to disagree with my grandmother? At least until we get to politics.

The air is getting thick with moisture here, in a way that’s inconceivable in Colorado. I almost felt like I was swimming when I went jogging this morning. And my laundry’s still not dry. But my skin looks phenomenal! And I’m not sure, but I think my eyebrows are thicker.

I’m just kind of hoping it doesn’t rain. I want the leaves to stay on the trees just a little longer. Plus, I don't feel like battling D.C. traffic in the rain this weekend. Amen for my little Garmin.


Leah said...

Ahhhh, I truly believe the Garmin is the greatest invention ever. I could never do my job without it.

I am glad you are having a good trip, but we miss you! We'll miss you at book club on Monday. Did you like the book?

Christie said...

I can't wait for Kenzie to be old enough to have a Tea Party birthday. Then I can have a reason to buy pretty yet breakable cups.

Diane said...

Oh, I love drinking tea in pretty cups. I have the cup that was the one I always chose as a child - it's iridescent inside . . .

Imez said...

I don't know what Limoges is but it sounds so beautiful.

I shattered my one teacup and saucer a few weeks ago. I refuse to drink tea from a mug unless very very sick. So I go tealess. Because it tastes better in lovely cups.