Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clearly My New Year's Resolutions Had Nothing to Do with Writing More

Oh, this poor blog. Someone should shoot it and put it out of it's misery, yet here I am again, willing it into the nursing home of feeble attempts to write occasionally still. Ha ha. Take your meds, blog!

So the Crise D'Identite also kind of sputtered out, if for no other reason than I got busy with birthdays and holidays and The Crud of '12, which caused much grief and sickness everywhere, and reaffirmed that I really, really hate vomit (NEWER CONCEPTS HAVE NEVER BEEN UTTERED! JUST DIE ALREADY, BLOG!) but my kid is awesome (SUCH EFFING NEW CONCEPTS) because she managed to get all her puke into the bucket in the middle of the night, despite not having actually ever thrown up before. (Besides baby spit-up. Which she did plenty, what with the reflux. But I don't think she remembers that?) Miss Thang = So Smart, and SKEELED with the vomit control. Yay, child.

So anyway. I still feel boring, but I am mostly happy with my boringness.

We have recently had a run of Stupid Expenses, which I define as stuff I hate spending money on because it is not pretty but would not like to live without. Like my cats' teeth and our car. Sugar didn't need an extraction this time (hooray, though still insanely expensive for routine feline dentistry, which, if you think about that hard enough, is probably worth every penny paid) and the car needed new tires, so I guess it's good that we did that before attempting to drive very far again, but URG. Mama really wanted a new pair of jeans for the first time in...years.

I have developed a love/love relationship with Pinterest, because it suits me at every level. DIGITAL HOARDING! I don't even have to dust. The aesthetic is just right-brain porn. My 100% left-brained husband does. NOT. get. it, and that's fine. He gets me, and that's close enough. Pinterest doesn't intimidate me the way it apparently does some people, I just love looking at all the pretty things. If you are looking for me on the internets, that's probably where to find me these days.

xoxo (keep that lifeline going, blog!)